Window or Door Issues?

Whether you have Vinyl, Metal, Wood, or Clad windows, our crew is highly trained and specialized in replacement of failed Insulated Glass Units (IGUs), installment of new windows and doors, and repairing unsightly rot in your product. 

If you have failed glass that appears to be foggy we will replace that to restore your view without causing any damage to your window frame. We can also replace and restore your rotted subsill or stops to maintain the integrity of your window or door. 

Fall and winter in the Pacific Northwest can be cold and rainy, to ensure your windows are can take the inclement weather, we also provide a high-expose seal to protect your window from water causing leaks and rot. 

Product and Warranty Information

To learn more about what we do, give us a call. We are always happy to discuss our services with you. 


When it comes to glass, there is a wide array of different specifications that can be applied to glass in your home or business. Whether it be Low-E, spacer, thickness, specialty glass such as frosted or glue chip, we can match it. We use many different glass manufacturers in order to get the most efficient, state of the art product that will match your home or business and exceed your expectations. 

The glass we install is personally inspected for defects. Our glass is guaranteed to meet ASTM standards, if it does not, it will be sent back to the manufacturer to be remade, in order to ensure your view out your window or door is pristine. 


Our glass products come with a 15 year warranty against failure. When you choose J&R Glass to replace your foggy IGU's, you can rest assured knowing your new unit will last for 15 years and if it doesn't, we will make it a priority to install a brand new insulated glass unit in your home**. 


**In some cases, restrictions will apply. Shape, size, and degree of installation factor into the warranty. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


We love to take pictures and show them to our customers.

Single Pane  Windows

Failed IGUs in a Pristine Wood Door

Newly Replaced IGUs in Wood Windows and Doors

Leaded Glass

Interior Wood Doors

Metal Door with Broken Tempered Glass Unit

Failed IGUs in Custom Wood Windows

Failed True Divided Lites (TDL) 

Vinyl Window 

Bifold Wood Doors

Wood Rot 

Enjoy Your View

Wood windows with a specific Low-e coating matched by J&R Glass.